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New subscriptions to the EUA Bologna Handbook are no longer available. Read more...

Bologna HandbookThe first Bologna Handbook –
a practically-oriented and flexible tool designed to support higher education professionals, both academics and administrators, in introducing and implementing all aspects of the Bologna Process in their institutions.

It is a “must have”
for all higher education actors involved in managing and implementing the Bologna process – within higher education institutions and systems, be it at institutional, faculty, department or administrative level, or at a political level.

The Handbook consists of
a series of specially commissioned articles on the full range of the Bologna action lines. It focuses on the actual implementation of specific elements of the Bologna process and includes a comprehensive coverage of the basics, developments and dimensions of the Bologna process, together with analyses and examples of good practice.

The authors
are leading practitioners and experts in each relevant field.

The work is edited by
Prof. Eric Froment (founding President of the EUA), Prof. Jürgen Kohler (Chair of the German Accreditation Council), Lewis Purser (Assistant Director at the Irish Universities Association), and Lesley Wilson (EUA Secretary General).

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New subscriptions to the EUA Bologna Handbook are no longer available.

However, new subscriptions are available to the Journal of the European Higher Education Area, the Bologna Handbook’s successor. The EHEA Journal continues and further develops the efforts of the Bologna Handbook but focuses more on institutional practices, teaching and learning. It is offered in a practical and attractive bound format. Please visit www.ehea-journal.eu for more details.

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Access to the Bologna-Archive, a complete digital archive of all articles published in the EUA Bologna Handbook, is also available for sale. Please visit the following site for more details: www.ehea-journal.eu/ Bologna-Archive

Also, subscribers of the EHEA Journal may download up to 20 articles in the Bologna-Archive free of charge, or purchase access to the entire archive at a reduced rate. As a registered user you will have full access to full-text versions of all articles, among other things.

Downloads for free:

"The Lisbon Recognition Convention: principles and practical application"
Author: Andrejs Rauhvargers

BOLOGNA 1999 – 2010

Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives (40 pages)

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